Alex James Brierley

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Alex (james) brierley producer

Alex James Brierley is also a producer who runs a producing business recording, mixing and mastering bands and artists that approach him.  He started off producing his own music for several years that is now used for Alex James and The Sound. His expertise in musical theory, musical technology/production and a range of instruments allows him to achieve a high standard, creatively assembled and exciting result in his productions. Music production software used in this work are; latest versions of Pro-Tools, Cubase and Logic Pro.

Alex James Brierley has qualifications in music technology and is currently studying an Audio Production degree at the School of Sound Recording in Manchester.

"I started off producing my own music that I use under my artist name Alex James and The Sound. All recordings are produced to a high industry standard and are mastered well".

Many of his productions have been used for radio/TV broadcast on BBC Manchester & Lancashire, Key 103, ITV News, Capital FM, Smooth FM, Real FM and many more.

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