background of alex james Brierley

Alex James Brierley

Artist Alex James Brierley is an experienced songwriter and producer with a big musical background starting from a young age playing piano, guitar, bass guitar, viola, drums and vocals. Since 2012, Alex has been the frontman of several rock bands that unfortunately split leaving Alex to continue as a solo act and has now united a new committed backing band to play his music coined 'Alex James Brierley'
Since 2015 he has been expanding as an artist releasing his first singles:

- 'Place of Nowhere' - a song in support of UNICEF.

- 'Home Sweet Home' - a song in support of the hero Rob Lawrie and a little girl       called Bru from a migrant camp. Rob battled the law in court after attempting to     take Bru though the French/British border. This song outlines this heart                   wrenching story.‚Äč

His debut EP is to be released in late 2017 titled Listen. This has been recorded by the legendary Culture Club producer Steve Levine, and then mastered at Abbey Road Studios.